About 15 years after my first attempt to write a computer chess program on my first computer, an Atari ST, I finally wrote my very own chess program! It appeared in its first incarnation (version 0.899b) in 2003/2004. Due to a lack of time and commitment I gave up working on it, but 12 years later, I suddenly found some motivation again, and created a new version. Its second incarnation (0.95x) is quite a bit stronger than the previous one, but of course Muse is an amateur engine and there are lots of better chess engines out there.

The current version of Muse (0.95x) does most of the usual stuff:

The todo list is long as always, but mostly consists of lots of testing, something I am not sure I will have the patience to do.

Download and Installation

Make sure that book.txt is in the same directory as the .exe file. Muse.ini is not necessary for Muse to work, but if you run it under Winboard you can set some options that you couldn't otherwise. Muse should work both as winboard and as UCI engine. However, the support of both protocols is far from complete.
There are only a few options you can set in muse.ini. These are:

Test results for Muse 095

...will appear later

Test Results for Muse 0899b

I used to test Muse with the help of Arena and Winboard, free GUIs for chess engines. With Arena, I have it play tournaments with other engines, and solve test suites; mostly ECM98. With Winboard, I have Muse play on ICC. I also used to run Nunn2 tournaments against other engines, 40 games at Blitz level 1 minute base + 5 seconds increment. Latest results:


I wrote Muse all by myself, but there are many people who helped in some way or other. Here's an incomplete list of people I'd like to thank:

  • Bernhard Seybold produced an opening book for Muse
  • Pradu Kannan wrote a magic move generator for bitboards, used in Muse 095 (0899b had my own move generator).
  • On CCC/talkchess, many people made/make interesting suggestions and comments, to name but a few: Bob Hyatt, Dieter Buerssner, Tord Romstad, Sune Fischer, Martin Sedlak and many more!

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