CheckerBoard - currently in version 1.721 - is the most fully featured free windows interface to checkers programs. Over the years, it has matured considerably, and you can do lots of things with it - more than with most commercial checkers programs!

Many powerful computer opponents

Full PDN support

CheckerBoard is also a powerful database program. PDN (Portable Draughts Notation) is the standard file format for checkers games. Many, but not all programs support this standard. You should not settle for a program which does not support this standard if you are serious about improving your game - lots of game collections exist in PDN for you to study and improve. It is also the easiest way to share games with friends.

Miscellaneous features

You can write your own checkers engine as a windows dll to plug into CheckerBoard - it is explicitly designed for this. Read more on this on the CB API reference page.


a screenshot of CheckerBoard
-- July 18, 2008