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Welcome to the homepage of CheckerBoard, one of the most powerful checkers programs for the windows platform. This page contains the latest news on CheckerBoard and related programs; use the menu on the left to download the program and to learn more about CheckerBoard, its main engine Cake, opening books and endgame databases etc.

January 11th, 2020 Cake 1.87

After making a lot of evaluation improvements in Cake 1.86, I focused a bit more on the search, and optimized that part of Cake. The result is Cake 1.87, which is another clear improvement. It's still not in the league of the machine-learned KingsRow, but it's far closer than it used to be. It also fixes a bug in the book access code that could make Cake 1.86 crash when used with the opening book. Download Cake 1.87 - unzip the file, and save cake_187.dll and the help file in the "engines" subdirectory of your CheckerBoard directory. Alternatively, you can download the entire current CheckerBoard setup at Ed Gilbert's English checkers website. His latest installers include Cake 1.87.

September 18, 2019 The making of Cake 1.86

Since Cake 1.86 is far stronger than previous versions of Cake, I thought I would write up how it came to be, and what type of machine learning was used for it. You can read more on the making of Cake 1.86 in case you are interested how this works.

June 2nd, 2019 Cake 1.86

After reviewing Ed Gilbert's amazing machine-learning-based KingsRow 1.18f, I decided to use similar ideas to improve Cake (logistic regression to automatically improve the evaluation function). The result is Cake 1.86, the first new version of Cake since 8 years (!), far stronger than its predecessor 1.85 - but still very clearly inferior to the new KingsRow 1.18f.
Download Cake 1.86 - unzip the file, and save cake_186.dll in the "engines" subdirectory of your CheckerBoard directory.

April 21st, 2019 KingsRow 1.18f improved by machine learning

Ed Gilbert improved his checkers engine KingsRow massively using machine learning techniques. There is an interesting article in Bob Newell's Checker Maven on this. Congratulations to Ed for once again shifting the boundaries of what is possible in checkers programming.

April 21st, 2019 CheckerBoard on GitHub

I'm very late reporting this - the source code of CheckerBoard can now be found in Ed Gilbert's GitHub repository. Ed has also cleaned up the code and fixed many bugs - thanks a lot!

December 2, 2013 CheckerBoard 1.721, 32 & 64-bit

A small bugfix for the position search in CheckerBoard. Download the CheckerBoard setup package for 32-bit windows or for 64-bit windows!

February 14, 2011 Checkers Tutor 2.1

I just posted Checkers Tutor 2.1 on the Android market. It is probably the most sophisticated checkers application for the Android platform; in particular, it has levels ranging smoothly from awful to extremely good, so that it will be an appropriate partner for players of all levels. Read more about it on my Checkers Tutor page, and on my checkers programming blog and then go and buy it on the Android market for a lousy dollar (and support your favorite checkers programmer while doing so)!

March 30, 2010 jCheckers

I finally managed to finish my Java checkers program jCheckers; it has already been tested on Linux and Mac, and seems to deliver on Java's promise of "write once, run anywhere". You can learn more about the program and download it on the jCheckers page.