Piece sets

To use any of these piece sets, download and extract the zip-files into a new subdirectory of your bmp directory (which itself is a subdirectory of your CheckerBoard directory). You will get a a new menu item in the options-piece set menu with the name of that new directory you just created.
My original piece set

Piece sets by Ron Carney

Embossed set
Metal/marble set
Star set
Crown set
Swirl set
Kid set

Piece sets by Gianni Castelli

"Erika" set
"Francy" set
Smile set
Star set

Piece sets by HangSing Tang

Button set
Chess set
Disco ball set
Dunk and Spike set
Beatles set
Rope set
Smiley set
Spiderman set
Swiss coin set
Wood set

-- August 7, 2012